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Yesterday they stole our votes

IMAG13512In the wake of the blatant rape of justice by the Justice Adeniyi Onigbanjo-led Election Petition Tribunal in Abia State this week, many have wondered why the rest of the nation seems to be silent on the assault going on in Abia State.

Indeed, it has been alleged by those who should know, that the panel was bought with the sum of N200million and a Prado SUV for each of the panel members.  Over N600m in all!

But that is a story for another day.

Back to the question of other states and their citizens fighting for the plight of Abia.

My answer is simple: in this era of dwindling oil prices & need for alternative revenue sources, it pays our neighbours for Abia to be down.  Remember that some ten years ago, Aba was the base of such big manufacturers like Dunlop, Michelin and a host of others, while supplying materials for industries located from as near as Port Harcourt to as far away as Kano!  In fact, Aba was THE economic hub of the South East.

But with the advent of the locust years of the misgovernance of T.A. Orji and his ilk, kidnapping of citizens and intimidation of legitimate businesses became the order of the day.  Consequently, Aba became a barren land, as businesses and business men abandoned the city in droves, relocating mainly to Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.  Abia’s loss, therefore, became the gains of these states.

Now think about it: after having emigrated from Aba because of the ineptitude, inaction and greed of the PDP-led Abia State government, and having created new bases in other states, why should these business men and their businesses move back to the state, and to the same PDP?  Even if they were still sitting on the fence, why should their new host governments campaign for good governance in Abia State, if it will mean that they’ll lose these new sources of tax and other revenues?  To put it another way, why should Enugu Rangers share their training manual with Enyimba FC when they’ll all fighting for the same league title?  It is not done!

So, now, to the question of why the rest of Nigeria is not incensed enough.  Simply put, it is not necessarily in their interest to do so.  Besides, if we don’t see the need to fight for good governance in our state, why should it be their priority?  If we’re not concerned about the piling of dirt in our kitchen, why should our neighbor care?

Every state in the Federation is competing for scarce resources and citizens’ income, and it is up to us to put our house in order, and in so doing, get back to our previous vantage position in the committee of states.

There are two choices before us today: we can either keep quiet, while hoping that the rest of Nigeria will leave their own problems to come solve ours, or we can stand up today and reclaim our state from the marauders that bestride it like drunken colossi.

Yesterday they stole our votes, tomorrow, they may steal our lives.  But only if we let them.  If indeed there are those who still believe in Abia, it is time to stop looking for help from outside, and become the change we wish to see in God’s Own State.  Like former Governor Peter Obi asked in his first gubernatorial campaign in Anambra State, ‘are we cursed, or are we the cause?’

Ndi Abia, the answer lies in what we choose to do next.

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