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The time for change is now

302228_10150375695236480_1155616992_nWe cannot be angry enough at the goings on in Abia State.  It will be the height of irresponsibility on the part of our people if we allow the present crop of low quality individuals to, having raped our state sore, impose a leadership bereft of ideas and original thought on us.

While we may have previously acceded to the wisdom of our political elite and so-called statesmen in making decisions for our state, it is now clear even to the inherently dumb that such wisdom was faulty, and soiled by the influence of filthy lucre doled out by this government from our common purse.

The time for change is now.

This is not the change mouthed as a slogan by politicians and parties in the hope of winning our votes.  No.  This is the change born out of a genuine desire to serve our state, fuelled by ideas generated in the furnace of a mind applied to critical reasoning.  It is not a mere change of the occupants of our various elective positions, but a change of the ideology that drives us as a state.

A new wind is blowing across Abia State.  It is a wind of change.  It is the wind that will sweep off every rotten structure that seeks to stand in the way of God’s Own State and the development that is due it.  It is a wind that will sanitize the filth that has become landmarks in our urban spaces.  This wind will not spare those who have collected hush money from our common purse, while looking the other way as certain people impose their demonic will on our hapless people.  It will not spare the greedy, the political marauders and assassins of our collective destiny as Abians.

This wind, however, will not come unless we bear it; it has no source but we the people.  We must therefore, every patriotic true-born child of Abia, join hands and in deed minds in fanning this wind into reality, for it is only by working together for can we birth a better tomorrow for our state.

From Aba North to Umu Nneochi Local Government Areas, we must unite as a people to build a state that will truly be the first in the committee of Nigerian states.

There is not a moment to spare.

As we march steadily towards the 2015 general elections, let us remember that whatever decision we take on that faithful day in February will resonate for all eternity.  We can either allow our state to continue in this decay, or we can turn a fresh, new chapter.  The power lies solely in our hands.

My prayer is that having been in this self-imposed slumber for far too long, we will stir ourselves and rise up in defence of our collective liberties and future.

As the cockerel announces the dawn of a new day, may February 2015 be a harbinger of a fresh start for Abia.

Kokorokooo!  Chi abuola!

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