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To say the nation is deeply enmeshed in a protracted war of political survival is stating the painfully obvious.  In fact, what may be less obvious is that, like we had in the early 60s, Sub-Saharan Africa is gradually embracing a retrogressive culture of undermining the sovereignty of the individual states therein.  While coups were the ‘in thing’ in the 60s, rebel uprisings seem to be the new fad today.  From Mali through Nigeria to Somalia, the rebels are the new kids on the block, and they are upsetting the supposed delicate balance.

The unfortunate thing is that those in power, who, despite being constitutionally empowered and  mandated to secure the lives of their citizens, do nothing but shoot cartridges full of empty threats out of their mouths while the ordinary people fall dead like flies daily.  Yet they do nothing.  Such governments are not only irresponsible, but they are cancerous to the nations they pretend to lead, and are nothing but agents of division and must be kicked out at the possible earliest time.

My new poem, ‘Rat-a-tat-a-tat’ encapsulates my frustration with the situation Nigeria now finds itself in.

Here’s hoping you like the poem, and that above all, it gets you frustrated enough to want to do something about our gradual slide into a failed state under the lack-lustre leadership style of the present administration.


The street’s on fire
The bad man pours his desire
On a happles populace
So we run for cover
That the police will stop their scoping
And open
Fire for fire


The President eats cassava bread
While yet another statement is read
Be calm says Abati
Meanwhile ndi nmadu eburula akpati
Si na Jos agbalaga Aba
Ufodi ndi nmadu, sef, gbara oso hapuzie akpa
Yet this clueless, former shoe-less, could care less, political weightless, Brazil-touring regardless
Says be calm
He doesn’t give a damn
Gilead has no balm
Before the storm, there’s a calm


The Plateau’s gone flat
Murderers on rampage
The army fuels the carnage
The Governor hides in some cleavage
Abati spews more sewage
Religious leaders have gone new age
And politics turns a new page
Death is our corporate image


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  1. uncle bee's Gravatar uncle bee
    July 17, 2012    

    Brilliant bruv …. Brilliant !!!

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