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On the Abia State debacle

Source: The Will

Source: The Will

For once, let us forget what party we do or do not support, and look at the implication of the mess we have somehow gotten ourselves into.

A Federal High Court issued an order which the Independent National Electoral Commission obeyed.  Rather than act in accordance with that order, the man who was removed as governor refused to vacate the seat of power, while the one who has a valid Certificate of Return from the body with a constitutional mandate to issue such is holding on to it as though it were a mere useless piece of paper to be discarded at will.  To make matters worse, the State’s highest judicial officer, ran away from her duty post, choosing instead, to side with politicians rather than uphold the law, which on a normal day, she interprets for us lesser mortals from her shiny high horse.
On the other hand, the police, which, as part of the Executive arm of government has the constitutional role to enforce the law, ought to do just that, have instead chosen to side with a man, who for all intents and purposes, is a usurper to the seat of the governor of Abia State.  To make things worse, the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, who is the head of this same Executive arm has abdicated his role, and seems to be more interested in capturing cattle rustlers.
This is a mess.
Were this to be a sane society, Uche Ogah would have been sworn in as the Governor of the State, pending the determination of the Court of Appeal (since INEC had already issued him a certificate of Return, having not been served with a Stay of Execution order by the PDP and the Ikpeazu-led Abia State Government).
were our leaders to be law-abiding people, rather than the dark blots on history which they always come across as, Governor Ikpeazu would have been arrested and charged for treason, having declared himself governor, and continued to act in that capacity, even though the court had removed him, and INEC, withdrawn his Certificate of Return.  Remember that MKO was arrested and imprisoned for only declaring himself President.  He didn’t even enter Aso Rock!
Where this to be a society where institutions did not kowtow to individual interests, all the banks in Abia State and Nigeria would have stopped honouring the cheques of the present government of Abia State, seeing as it is, in the eyes of the law, an illegality.  They would stop playing with shareholders’ and depositors’ money, seeing as they risk losing their licenses by doing business with a rogue government institution unknown to, and unrecognized by law, at this moment.
finally, if this President gave half the damn he gives to for cattle rustlers, for the enthronement of the rule of law, he would have ordered the Nigeria Police to withdraw its officers and services to the rogue government in Abia State, and provide same for the man with the legal papers and a court backing.  Should he refuse to do this, as he has, then the National Assembly should step in to either force him to do his job or remove him for dereliction of duty.
If we were a sane society, that is.
But we are not.  And so we will continue in this dance of shame and disregard for our constitution and democracy, until one day, unable to stand anymore under the weight of our illegalities and abuse, the 4th Republic comes crashing around us, as the jackboots of dissatisfied military officers trample what is left of it underground.
We do not learn from history.

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