Because our generation needs a voice

Of infantile governance and accidental public servants.

“I hope you have a copy of the election results. The constituents,

for example, gave me 97% cannot in all honesty be treated on

some issues with constituencies that gave me 5%.”

-       President Muhammadu Buhari.


aba-071009-5The above quote by President Buhari painfully summarises the philosophy of Nigeria’s governing elite.  To them, the equality of the rights of citizens is solely dependent upon their electoral choices.  In the grazing reserve called Nigeria, all cows are equal, but the 97% are more equal than others.

It is therefore no surprise that in Abia State, equality and the right of citizens to freely assemble and have an opinion is assured only when one speaks for in support of the party in power, the PDP.  Just two weeks ago, after an APGA House of Representatives member held a rally in CS Park at Aba, the Abia State Government shut down the park.  It did not stop there.  Taking the notion of infantile governance to a whole new ridiculous level, the government revoked the lease agreement it had with the management of the park.  In a fit of infantile governance, the state administration blocked a steady source of tax revenue, all because an opposition party member used a venue in the constituency which he represents, to meet with those that elected him.  This is childishness taken too far.

But that is what happens when a man with no ambition beyond showing up for work in a dysfunctional civil service gets imposed on a people whose love for freedom, he cannot comprehend.  It is the result of a non-performing pen-pusher becoming an ‘accidental public servant’ (to borrow from the title of Governor El-Rufai’s famed memoir).  It is the history of Nigeria, where the most subservient to a political cabal is manipulated into power, over and above those with a plan and the will to work for the people.  It is the merciless result of cronyism taken to devilish lows, and sinking deeper, still.

Today, Abia is on its knees.  Yet this government refuses to care.  A once proud people have been forced to make the difficult choice of dying today or postponing it to a time and manner of the government’s choosing.  A once vibrant people have seen the pride plucked out of them, and in its place, beggarliness and a crude dependence on hand-outs from a conquering overlord rules supreme.  This is why one dares not speak freely against the PDP on the streets of Aba.  This is why a PDP member dare not be found in an establishment owned by an APGA member in Umuahia.  This is why, though it is his duty as a lawmaker, a House of Representatives member dare not come home to present his report card to his constituents.  This is why this government must be returned to the rubbish heaps of Aba from whence it came.

As we slowly and painfully march towards the polls, come 2019, all who love Abia State must rise in its defence.  We must not let those with no ambition but to kill, steal and destroy God’s Own State seize the seat of power.  We must, if truly we wish Abia well, offer ourselves to the service of this state.  If we don’t we will continue to be governed by people of low quality, accidental public servants, whose stock in trade is infantile governance.

Let us all – and God – forbid it.

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