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It’s time for a third force

ndukweIt’s time for a third force.

From the goings-on in the National Assembly, it has become rather evident that the APC cannot manage victory.  In fact, having banded together to (thankfully) remove the PDP from power, the party’s lack of a cohesive ideology becomes more apparent each passing day.  And while President Buhari will be the immediate casualty, the biggest and most pitiable casualty in this unsavoury drama is the hopeful army of the millions of Nigerians that voted en mass for change.

An APC internal opposition at this point, such as we are now seeing, will be akin to a snake eating itself.  The end of it all will be destruction for the party.

But it has refused to learn.

The media is now awash with the propaganda of ‘party supremacy’ as espoused by the APC, and, the lazy bums that they are, our journalists have refused to ask the party what exactly it means by this.  For starters, where was party supremacy when one man virtually handpicked all the candidates running for office in almost all the South-Western states?  Where was party supremacy when people lost out in the PDP primaries, only to snatch up the APC tickets only a day later?  Was this not against the extant rules of the party?  Is party supremacy now a synonym for kowtowing to the wishes of one individual?

The fact is that the APC is fast becoming a nuisance to the change mantra it espouses, and if care is not taken, like the PDP, will become a danger to out fledgling democracy.  From the inability of the President to name his immediate staff to the long wait for ministerial nominees, the APC is fast becoming a party of unnecessary intrigues and uninvited distractions.

But we will not embrace the PDP.

Three months are too short a period of time to inflict us with amnesia with regards to the locust years if the PDP, especially under the just-evicted administration.  No, we refuse to forget the party that nearly brought us to our knees as a nation with unbridled kleptomania and unrestrained lust for power, even if Nigeria be damned!  We will not forget this party, and hopefully, the APC will not drive us to forgive its several acts of treason against the Nigerian nation.

This is why we need a third force.

We need a party that will offer a clean break from both the APC and the PDP.  A party which, unlike the Labour Parties of this world, will not be a mere appendage of the party in power.  We need a party that will not be a mere congregation of the old order, whose single uniting factor is power at the centre.  No, we need a Nigerian party for the Nigerian people.

I must confess that I do not know where this party will rise from, nor do I know who should spearhead it.  One thing I do know, however, is that at the rate we are going, we do need salvation from both the APC and PDP if we are to make any meaningful progress as a nation.

It’s time for a third force.

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