Because our generation needs a voice

In support of a bloody revolution

131237776611327661_EaE6AnmN In support of a bloody revolution I wrote this poem
In support of a mind evolution I bring this home
Asking you to unite against corruption
Asking you to stand up for your nation
I seek not to give a good oration
I ask not for standing ovation
My mission is simple
I offer solution
In a bloody revolution
So I wrote this poem

I wrote this poem to rouse you from your slumber
I penned these words with the hopes that you remember
That dark are the days from which we emerged
And unsteady is the branch on which we are perched
While the ‘Giant of Africa’ is daily submerged in
A cesspool of ineptitude our leaders are couched in
Citizens run amok; the nation is burning
Confusion is the grease that keeps this wheel turning
What is to be done?
Then the light comes on:
A bloody revolution!
So I wrote this poem

Let’s take back this nation from the hands of the marauders
Evil men and women whose stock in trade is unsolved murders
Political racketeers; the liberty hoarders
Who steal our commonwealth and invest it across the boarders
Let’s take all they’ve got and give them none –
A bloody revolution!
So I wrote this poem

Let liberty cry out from every street and every tongue
Let the pride in our hearts be the beat to our new song
Of a nation reborn, of a people made one
By a bloody revolution
So I wrote this poem

But how will it come, this bloody revolution?
And where will it be born, this sudden evolution?
From the street corners or from the higher institutions?
From the hands of base men or those of higher intuitions?
I seek the solution
To this nagging question
Of a bloody revolution
So I wrote this poem

But as I put pen to paper it suddenly dawns upon me
So I ask myself if this revolution needs to be bloody
Because even after civil war, we’ve not been able to MEND a thing
And though the ‘Book-o-Haram’ is explored up North, our leaders prefer to sin
Against the sacred text that is our constitution
So a million ‘former Nigerias’ is not really the solution
Neither can it be found in a bloody revolution
But in a mind evolution
So I wrote this poem!

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