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Here lies the revolution


A lot has been said about the ‘Nigerian revolution’.  While some believe it is inevitable, others insist the sparks that will birth its flame are already flying about.  Some others however, perhaps out of deep scepticism or maybe unfortunate experience, have dismissed any hope of a revolution either now or in the future.

What do I believe?

Events in our recent past have shown that organised protests do not work – not because we’re incapable of organising ourselves, but because we’re incapable of not betraying the cause.  From every organised labour strike right down to the #OccupyNigeria protest early this year, there has always been a clandestine meeting where one or two ‘leaders’ were settled, and the movement left in tatters.  It is therefore to our shame that due to our apathy and unquenchable greed, we may never have a revolution – as a result of organised protest – in Nigeria.

What then do I believe?

A revolution in Nigeria?  As I wrote in a poem, Change, “Change may come somehow, change may come some way, change may come some day, but that day is not today.”

Here’s a poem  I wrote some time ago about the Nigerian revolution.  I hope it inspires you.



Here lies the revolution
Our revolution
Embarked upon with little conviction
We marched through the streets
It was the fashion
So we raised our voices
In great unison
We gave flight to fantasies
And reason
Treason was to stop believing
Hope in the air
It was the season
Give thanks to God
For He is weaving
Even at the last hour
Of the evening
Lost in this game
Of self-deceiving
Bathed in the drench
Of sweat turned creamson
Voices dispersed by
The tear gas combustion
Who wants to lay down
His life for the nation?
So we sigh
In frustration
This is my salutation
For here lies
My, your, our revolution.

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