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For a girl, whose name we do not know

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The news of the discovery and rescue of one of the Chibok girls yesterday brought back to our national psyche, an issue we have, it seems, made a concious effort to forget. Today, I stumbled upon the new TV ad by TBWA\Paris for GMF, titled “We stand for those who”.  What caught my attention, apart from the beautiful story-telling, [...]


I remember growing up, I thought I’d stay young forever Like Peter pan in Neverland Because the more things changed, The more they didn’t. But that was a child’s fantasy. Because the more things changed, The more they did. Memories. Like TV time. Rainbows on full display every day at 4 Humming a tune of happy times ahead. Like The games we al [...]

Efe Paul Azino: Dream Country

Efe Paul Azino: Dream Country
Picture: Chi Modu They stream in from as early as 7 in the morning; students, traders, petty thieves, hardened criminals, drifters. Drawn to this hallowed space where they meld into a singular desire for a better life. A desire that thins out and disappears before they can grasp it. Just like the smoke from Haji’s exotic marijuana. The marij [...]


Ask an average Nigerian about another Nigerian from a different ethnic group, and you’re sure to have your ears filled with enough stereotype to make you wonder how we managed to remain as one nation for 53 years. It doesn’t matter who you ask. From the ‘detribalised’ older generation of Nigerians which claims to ha [...]

God bless this nation

We pour libation In hope that hope will Spring forth The dawn of our liberation This nation Stands tall on crooked feet Still the cure for our disease Is a road less travelled Or not travelled Yet we pour libation In hope that hope will Spring forth Year after year We circumnavigate the roads Of death and destruction We set lofty goals But [...]

Efe Paul Azino: That Place We Once Ca...

Efe paul Azino That night we crossed the precipice headlong into bedlam and destruction That fleeing pack of confusion pouring through the borders our images captured by feverish reporters fodder for the global news media Yes, remember the chaos? That was us Hours after the Northerners rejected the elected candidate from the south rogue Imams [...]

In support of a bloody revolution

In support of a bloody revolution
In support of a bloody revolution I wrote this poem In support of a mind evolution I bring this home Asking you to unite against corruption Asking you to stand up for your nation I seek not to give a good oration I ask not for standing ovation My mission is simple I offer solution In a bloody revolution So I wrote this poem I wrote this poem [...]

Here lies the revolution

Here lies the revolution
A lot has been said about the ‘Nigerian revolution’.  While some believe it is inevitable, others insist the sparks that will birth its flame are already flying about.  Some others however, perhaps out of deep scepticism or maybe unfortunate experience, have dismissed any hope of a revolution either now or in the future. What do [...]

Tell them (why we did it)

A baby cries The tenth time that morning                                                                                                        Inspired by the music of the rumbling in her tummy Her soprano cuts through the air Riding on waves of heat and despair For you see, there is no hope here So she cries On and on till the mother can ta [...]


To say the nation is deeply enmeshed in a protracted war of political survival is stating the painfully obvious.  In fact, what may be less obvious is that, like we had in the early 60s, Sub-Saharan Africa is gradually embracing a retrogressive culture of undermining the sovereignty of the individual states therein.  While coups were the R [...]


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