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Thoughts on Abia…

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The tragedy of Abia State is not that we have a governor who falls short of having even the barest leadership traits needed for leading an electoral ward. The tragedy is that we have men and women who, having reached the zenith of their different careers nationally and globally, do not, or cannot find the courage to talk to a god of rust tin [...]

Who will Buhari pick as his VP candid...

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In my opinion, the success – or otherwise – of the APC in the coming election at the presidential level lies not so much in the choice of it’s presidential candidate, but in that of the running mate. Contrary to the calculations bandied about by APC loyalists, the party cannot afford to leave out the South East and South Sou [...]

On our girls, Boko Haram and the Nige...

Sadly, I do not believe that the over 200 abducted Chibok School girls will return. I know this is a harsh thing to say, but with all due respect to a hopeful nation and grieving families, there has to come a time when we must face the ugly truth that Boko Haram was never, and has never been interested in a peaceful resolution of the prese [...]

As we decide our fate

Abia is at at crossroad. Whatever decisions we take with regards to the 2015 elections will determine the direction of the state for the foreseeable future. If we elect as governor, a person whose love for and commitment to Abia supersedes parochial considerations, we will begin our march – even of tortured – towards the great [...]

What’s in it for us?

The 2015 elections are getting closer, and as each day passes, more political actors join the fray in their bid to either govern Abia State or represent its citizens at various assemblies. As we approach the day of reckoning, more than the ethnicity of the candidates, their parties or virility of their financial war chest, one question oug [...]

On the Abuja bombing

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Today, there are checkpoints at almost every corner in Nigeria, yet our armed and dangerous security agents do everything but secure our lives. Instead, Nigerian citizens are kidnapped at will by State Security forces who, in their cowardice attack helpless and defenseless citizens fighting and protesting for the right of all. At no time i [...]

From the archive: More ideas, not mon...

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A recent lamentation of most governors today (probably with the exception of Fashola only) is that they have little monthly allocation from the federal purse. This, they argue, is the reason why they fail woefully in the delivery of their own part of the social contract they have with the electorate. Thus, for many of these governors, if [...]

Abia: In need of real liberation

As 2015 draws near, and following the release of the election timetable by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), things are getting more exciting in Abia State. Politicians – the usual suspects and new faces – are climbing out of the woods, and have begun frantic efforts at positioning themselves as contenders for different [...]

From the archives: Does Nigeria need ...

This was an assignment which I wrote in university. I hope it adds in one way or the other to the building of the New Nigeria. According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of current English (Fifth edition), ‘a conference is a meeting for discussion or an exchange of views, especially one held regularly’. This means that there is [...]

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Why should the you...

Nothing in this Country of ours as it is today makes the average Nigerian youth want to invest his or herself in her. The costs of goods and services rise almost on a quarterly basis, while there is a corresponding decrease in the availability of jobs, and retaining already secured ones. It is not a new thing to hear that so and so has trav [...]


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