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Anyim: Human capital development, priority

National Vice Chairman (South East), All Progressive Congress (APC), Dr. Nyerere Anyim says it is not important where the next governor of Abia State comes from but it is important that whoever becomes the next governor must deliver the dividends of democracy to the people. In a chat with journalists in Lagos recently, he noted that one of the fundamental things that made a country develop within a short period of time was its human capital development. Tunde Akinola reports.


On next year governorship race in Abia

One thing we must tell ourselves is that it is not important where the next governor is coming from, what is important is the kind of person such individual is.

In Abia state, Abia North senatorial zone has produced a governor who ruled for eight years, the Abia Central is where the incumbent governor is from and is on the verge of completing his eight-year term.

In Abia South, there are many eminently qualified people to govern the state, people who have what it takes to make Abia a better place. So it is not a question of playing politics about where the next governor is coming from. It is behoves on the people morally, equity demands that Abia North, having taken the shot, Central having taken the shot, then it is the turn of Abia South where we have people who are equally qualified to govern the state.

On factionalisation in Abia APC and its chances in 2015

In as much as I will acknowledge that there are challenges that the APC is facing in Abia state, which are challenges that are surmountable and normal in any organisation, there is nothing like APC integrity group. There is nothing registered as APC Integrity Group in Abia, sothose that may be parading themselves as belonging to such groups not are not recognised, we only have APC in Abia, nothing like APC integrity group.

What happened is that the issue of Chief Emenike and the issue of factionalisation in Abia APC is something we have to really look at to deduce what is actually happening. Who is Chief Emenike? What does he want in APC? If you have somebody who comes to an organisation and decides to run a parallel structure within the organisation, the person should be suspected of having a hidden agenda.

I am not forming any faction in the APC; I am working with APC, genuinely registered members of APC in Abia State. So whatever people are saying about faction or no faction, I am not bothered about that. I would rather keep mute on the matter until the APC at the national level decides to say something on the happenings within the party in Abia State.

How to ensure a free and fair election next year

Free and fair election is the best thing that can happen to Nigeria as a nation come 2015. I believe the Independent National Electoral Electoral Commission (INEC) is capable of conducting a free and fair election if it so wishes. While we are talking about INEC and free and fair elections, Don’t we need to also consider the people themselves? If Nigerians agree and determine that they want the elections to be free and fair, it will so be. They are the electorates, they are the ones to go and vote; it is what they want to happen that will happen. So we don’t keep on calling INEC as if the people will be locked up in their rooms while INEC will produce results. The people for us to beckon on are the Nigerian masses.

Recent impeachment and threat to impeach some other APC governors

The APC has to rise up to the challenges. The PDP is strengthened by their emergence and then you don’t expect them to fold their arms and watch you take over power from them without any resistance. So what they are doing is what they ought to do under these circumstances, but I wante us to be more civil about our politics in Nigeria, the essence of having multi party system is to have an opposition party that will charge the ruling party to wake up.

I expected PDP to be happy with APC because we have woken it from its political slumber; it has over relaxed with the welfare of Nigerians but since the emergence of APC, they the party has been on its toes trying to do something to let Nigerians know that it is trying to work. For 16 years or there about, the fate of the nation has been in their hands but the way they have been going about it is wrong, you cannot force everybody to belong to the PDP. They should be happy with the opposition, so when you kill the opposition, you have not succeeded in any way, unless you want us to be a one party state and since we are not, allow the opposition to survive; we know you have all it takes to muscle them up but that is not the rule of the game.

PDP’s 16-year rule in Abia

If I say for the 16 years they have ruled in Abia, there is nothing they have done, that will not be true; they have tried but what they have done is not good enough.

When you look at the state of infrastructure in Abia, what they have done has not yielded the desired positive results to make us feel that they have done something, even though they are, just that in my opinion, it is not good enough. Go to places like Aba, even the PDP in Abia itself cannot boast that they have done well in that area and several areas like that. So in the area of infrastructural development, they know that whatever they have done is not good enough.

Then we consider the area of education, what do you have to say about our educations system in Abia, thanks to the UBE and MDGs that have been helping to renovate the schools across the villages but what is our government itself doing about those things.

We talk about security, we should clap for the PDP in Abia in that aspect, the only thing I have to say in that regards is that they solved the problem they created, because we are not known with insecurity in the past; prior to 2008, we don’t have such security challenges in Abia State but they brought it in and they have tried in solving it too.

In the totality of what constitutes governance, common good and dividends of democracy in Abia State, I don’t think you need me to tell you that we are not faring well.

How to ensure growth in Abia

I want us to take a look at the Asian countries, what they were years back and what they are today; one of the fundamental things that made them move from being a developing country to a developed one within a short period of time is their human capital development. That is one thing I will have to give priority to.

Education in Abia state, even if it is not free, must be affordable and compulsory. People should learn to lay emphasis on vocational education too; nothing stops you as a graduate of electrical engineering to learn how to wire a house.

Once we get that right, because without education there is no way we can develop our human capital capacity, once that is done, that is the key. I am not here to start giving you my manifesto but I want to tell you that that is a key and vital area for our transformation, economically and otherwise.

God knows what I want to do for the people of Abia, he will give me that opportunity to serve my people. I see my aspiration as a call to duty to serve the people and having taken a diagnostic look at the present situation of things in Abia and i have the antidote to make the state a better place.

Igbo person as APC presidential candidate is 2015

That will be the best thing they can do. They don’t even need to be told. Depending on how they look at it but it will be to their greatest advantage.

Allegation that opposition politicians are behind insurgency

I just want to use the word it is unfortunate, because our people should be more realistic on issues that have to do with us as a nation. That I am in a different party with my brother does not make him or her my enemy. Look at the bombings; does it kill members of a particular party or religion? Why can’t we be more realistic with all these political ramblings we say? Instead of us to come together and see how we can put an end to such ills, all we do is trade blames and propaganda in the name of politics. It is wrong; it is wrong and is sheer wickedness to play politics with issues that border around the security, lives and property of our people.

Source: Guardian

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