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46792_467545771479_4976387_n Nigerian politics is as unpredictable as it is interesting.   A play with many unexpected, unscripted twists and turns, one can easily get carried away by the high-speed action while the underlying intention slips away quietly, unnoticed.

This blog seeks to take an often unconsidered angle on many of the issues that are thrown up by our politics. The views expressed herein are personal and somewhat biased – one must admit – and are not meant to be taken as reportage.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.



  1. April 12, 2011    

    i feel you man

  2. July 22, 2011    

    nice 1

  3. tosin's Gravatar tosin
    February 11, 2014    

    nd,i see you are making it real big im politics these days but i thought you are a poet.Anyways keep it up!

  4. nwosu chukwuemeka's Gravatar nwosu chukwuemeka
    February 2, 2015    

    Can i send you some of Nyerere Anyim’s campaign articles for publication on this your blog? Please confirm.

  5. JMK's Gravatar JMK
    October 15, 2015    

    Hello, I’ve been looking all around for your contact details, could you write me back with regards to an interview around your poetry? Thanks.

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